Ghoul School FX Workshops offers an innovative and intriguing curriculum designed to teaching students of all artistic levels by showcasing the latest state of the art techniques in special effects ranging from injury simulation, conceptual drawing and design, body casting and molding, silicone application, makeup effects, prop making, production art and more. We provide hands on training in fundamental skills under the creative guidance of renowned Artist, Barry Anderson. Students will all levels of experience are encouraged to participate as long as they are ready to be creative and have fun!

From teaching basic makeup techniques and applications to advanced prosthetic creatures, monsters, and zombies, Ghoul School provides access to professional instructors that offer experience in the highest quality and state of the art makeup special effects.

Ghoul School offers a motivational and inspirational learning environment that ensures a beginner has an opportunity to develop into a proficient artist while having creative fun. The Ghoul School curriculum offers students the opportunity to explore the craft of special effects, from concept development through project completion. We will begin offering monthly classes in 2013. Since class sizes are limited, we recommend registering before space runs out.

2013 Ghoul School FX Workshop Series

Workshops are held in our studio located at
3500 Aloma Avenue, Building F Suite 6, Winter Park, Florida 32792.